“Biocentras” – The leader in business and science partnership (Article from “Verslo žinios”, 2015-09-09, author Greta Jankaitytė)

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The fifth annual contest “Business and Science Partnership 2015” has been won by a scientific and industrial company “Biocentras” together with the Innovative Medicine Centre.

The award to the business and science tandem was granted for a developed food supplement with immunostimulating properties.

The award was presented by the Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius and the minister of economy Evaldas Gustas to the director of “Biocentras” Sauliui Grigiškiui and the scientist of Innovative Medicine Centre Mykolas Mauricas during the “Innovation Drift” forum.

Mister Grigiškis was happy that “Biocentras” received the first award in Lithuania.

“It’s our first award received in Lithuania,” said Mr. Grigiškis. “Such evaluation is very high.”

Technology, for which “Biocentras” received the award, stimulates human immune system and initiates the destructive processes of cancerous cells. For now this preparation has been registered as a food supplement, however data and information is being gathered for its registration as a medical preparation.

<a href=”http://vz.lt/article/2015150829431″>VŽ wrote</a> that three years ago “Biocentras” became one of the five most innovative European technology companies, and this year it patented 4 new technologies. Moreover, this autumn the company opens the innovative medicine and science centre with new laboratories and a manufacturing base in a Vilnius district.

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