Beta glucans

Biocentras is actively investigating β-glucans isolated from the outer walls of S. cerevisiae yeast cells and has shown promising results. The resulting β-glucans with targeted properties and therapeutic composition of β-glucans that modulate the human immune system and induce malignant cell disruption have already been patented, and patent applications have been filed to extend the patent in target markets in the EU and worldwide.

Food supplements

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Products and services for environmental protection

UAB Biocentras has developed technologies for cleaning soil and water contaminated with oil and oil products. Biological treatment is most effective for clean-up at accident sites between April and October, and from November to March, soil contaminated with oil and oil products is removed by removal or containment on site.


Materials to absorb or adsorb liquids or gases. Examples include: A material similar to molecular sieve material, which acts by adsorption (attracting molecules to its surface).


Biocentras designs land cleaning sites, workshops and oil decontamination facilities for soil contaminated with oil and oil products.
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