JSC „Biocentras“ project in the field of environmental protection is nominated among the three finalists of EUREKA „Innovations Awards 2011“

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Secretary of international program EUREKA announced that innovative project of JSC “Biocentras” is nominated in the field of environmental protection among the three finalists of EUREKA „Innovations Awards 2011“.

This year’s focus was on projects in the broad field of ‘green technology’, but projects were also partly judged on the revenues generated by the product of the research undertaken in the project.

The project finalist E!2522 OPTISOILCLEAN „Optimized complex technology of cleaning soil contaminated by oil pollutants” was coordinated by Lithuanian company “Biocentras”. Scientists from Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania, and Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry, Latvia have also participated in this project.

The main idea of the project – to develop a novel technique superior to the existing in the market for the cleanup of contaminated soil, was developed by the specialists of JSC “Biocentras”.

The close cycle for soil treatment was proposed, which is much cheaper than burning and allows avoiding the costs of secondary contamination treatment. The developed technology can be used not only in the extreme occasions but also in the everyday business, while cleaning soil near petrol stations, oil bases and refineries and etc. During the project pilot equipment for the soil clean up was used. The essence of this technology is higher quality of treatment actions with lower costs, and the result is neutralization of the negative impact to the nature.

It is the first project from Lithuania, which received such a high evaluation from EUREKA and got among the finalists. The other two projects among the three finalists are: E! 2678 SS TESTER (partners from Sweden, Ireland and UK) and E! 3080 BIODI EXPERTISE (partners from Spain and France).

Finalists are invited by the Israeli EUREKA Chairmanship to a prize ceremony in Jerusalem on 22 June 2011, when the ultimate winner will be announced.